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Pilar Sampietro and Felicidad Vallet, miniaturist craftswomen for over a decade, are Crinolina's members. Their Barcelona store, Muñecas Ananda (Ananda Dolls) holds their own range 2/12 scale dolls and a large variety of miniature related products.

Every product is hand made and every detail has been taken special care of.

Widely recognised within Spain, they are now working on reaching the international markets.

Pilar Sampietro:

Pilar is an experienced craftswomen who has developed her skills in miniature for over ten years. She handles a wide range of materials (porcelain, wood, linen, silk...) with creativity, delicacy and mastery. Her ability at handling fabrics, creating bed covers, curtains and dolls for 1/12 scale dolls is outstanding. Pilar can also make any accessory you can think of; parasols, luggage, toys...all exclusive and hand made. The world of children is her world: the aesthetics of soft colors, delicate materials, tiny details are where she feels more comfortable.

Felicidad Vallet:

Felicidad has been a creating high temperature porcelain dolls, hand painted with vitrifying paints for over 15 years. Be they antique or modern, the dolls she makes are highly individual, expressive and charming. Her dexterity and extreme delicacy make every single one of her creations a unique piece of art. Felicidad's dolls are made with all natural materials; mohair or silk wigs, silk, cotton and leather shoes and bags.